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Governing Council

Ann Kim: 2020 President

Hello, SCPHA Members!  Wanted to take a minute to share a bit about me, I’m a graduate from UCLA with a Bio and Psych degree hoping to impact the world by helping people. Miraculously got into Biola University’s Nursing program where I was introduced to the world of nursing. Loved working with the LA County population during clinical rotations and found that public health nursing was a viable option for a newlywed nurse (even though critical care was where I thought I would be)!! Worked for the City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services as a field generalist PHN, where I never dreaded a day going into work! Opportunities and experiences came alive!! Even after all those years of undergraduate study, I entered in the MSN/MPH program at CSULB with the prodding of my co-workers and CSULB faculty (after all I didn’t have kids).  As I started having children, I left

the City and joined the faculty at CSULB in the School of Nursing where I introduce and teach undergraduate students about the world of public health nursing! In addition to my career in public health, I am still happily married and the proud mother of 3 boys who I hope will grow up to be fine, contributing members of society.

My goal for this year?  As President, my goal this year with SCPHA is to increase our membership engagement while bolstering our finances.  I’m excited to serve as your 2020 President and look forward to accomplishing all of our goals together in the year to come!

Dominick Sturz: Immediate Past President

Hi Everyone, I’m Dr. Dominick Sturz. A Professor of Public Health and Assistant Dean for the Area of Health and Social Sciences at California Baptist University, Division of Online and Professional Studies. Prior to academia, I worked in pharmaceuticals for Merck & Co. and Johnson & Johnson. I have served on the Southern California Public Health Association Governing Council since 2015, and am currently transitioning from the position of President to Immediate Past President.

My goal for the coming year is to explore potential for strengthening partnerships and to promote SCPHA membership engagement opportunities.

P A G E  0 2

Amber Valenzuela: Vice President

Hi Everyone, I’m Amber Valenzuela.  I have over four years experience within the field of tobacco control on a professional level and recently obtained my Master of Public Health from California Baptist University.  I have a passion for research and for community involvement around public health-related issues.

My goal for the coming year? I joined the Governing Council to become more deeply involved within the field of public health to better serve the community I live in as well as the community at-larg

Aparna Waegner: Treasurer

Hi Everyone, I’m Arpana Waegner.  I’m a graduate of UCLA School of Public Health with a background in child nutrition and health informatics. I currently work in the medical device industry.

My goal for this year? I would like to bring greater representation from SoCal non-profit public health organizations this year to SCPHA.

Vacant: Secretary

Ibtisam Sirhan: Member-at-Large Chair

Hi Everyone, I’m Ibtisam Khoury-Sirhan.  I’m a graduate of CSULB with a BS in Nutrition and Masters in Public Health. I currently work as a  Health Educator for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

My goal for this year? As the Member-at-Large Chair, my 2020 goal is to provide guidance to each of the Members-at_Large and to improve the SCPHA financial status by fundraising.

Judith Dunaway: Member-at-Large,

Membership and Section Development

Hi Everyone, I’m Judith Dunaway. I’m a graduate of UCLA School of Public Health & a Registered Dietitian with a background in corporate wellness, school & community nutrition programs, and tobacco control programs. I currently work for the City of Pasadena Public Health Department where I  manage the Division of Health Policy and Promotion Development.

My goal for this year? I would like to increase health department participation in SCPHA.

Janet Bonome: Member-at-Large, Professional Development

Hi Everyone, Dr. Janet Bonome. I’m Graduate of Loma Linda University (LLU) School of Public Health. I’m an Assistant Professor of Public Health and the Chair of the Department of Health Science at California Baptist University.

My goal for this year? As co-chair of Professional Development, my goal is to increase representation from professionals in the field and create networking opportunities throughout the year.

Nabila Alam: Member-at-Large, Professional Development

Hi Everyone, Nabila Alam. I graduated with a B.S. in Biology, with Minor in Psychology and earned a MPH with a focus in behavioral and community health.

My goal for this year? As one of the Professional Development Chairs, my goal is to develop more opportunities for our members to engage with the organization and community.

Alina Missirian: Member-at-Large,

Resource  Development

Hi Everyone, I’m Alina Missirian. I’m a graduate of CSULB with a BS in Health Science and a Masters in Health Care Administration and the Administrative Assistant with the City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention.

My goal for this year? My 2020 goal is to secure more funding opportunities for SCPHA to thrive in the upcoming year while also identify and share funding opportunities for our members.

Jeff Rollman: Member-at-Large, Policy and Advocacy

Hi Everyone, I’m Jeff Rollman. Current UCLA Health Policy and Management PhD student and Johns Hopkins MPH graduate. I work as a Veterans Health Administration researcher and 911 paramedic.

My goal for this year? As a Policy and Advocacy co-chair, I look forward to educating members while furthering our local, state and national public health advocacy efforts.

Ellen Alkon: Lifetime Member

Hi Everyone, I’m Dr. Ellen Alkon. Having earned both my MD and MPH, I am now fully retired after a very satisfying career in Public Health.

My goal for this year? My goal for the coming year is to update the SCPHA history.

Bernie Weintraub: Lifetime Member

Hi Everyone, I’m Bernard (Bernie) Weintraub. A graduate of the UCLA School of Public Health, I am now retired from the Los Angeles Department of Health Services where I was active in a wide variety of health services programs including public health practice, environmental research and management, hospital administration, health facility licensure and certification. I retired as Special Assistant to the Department Director.

My goal for this year? My goal for the coming year is to continue to provide support to help us grow as an organization.

Robert H. Friis: Lifetime Member

Hi Everyone, I’m Dr. Robert Friis. I received my B.A. in psychology from Berkeley, and both an M.A. degree in educational psychology and a Ph.D. in higher education from Columbia University. I’m a Professor and Department Chair of Health Science for CSULB as well as a Clinical Professor in the Department of Community and Environmental Medicine for the University of California Irvine. I have authored several books, and lead multiple public health research projects on Tobacco, Epidemiology and Environmental Health topics.

My goal for this year? My goal for the coming year is to inspire our student and early career professionals to pursue opportunities in public health research.

Amanda Reams: Finance Manager

Hi Everyone, I’m Amanda Reams. I’m a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and graduate of the University of San Diego with a Bachelors in Accounting and a Masters of Accounting and Financial Management. Currently works as a CPA and Investment Advisor in San Diego.

My goal for this year? To ensure that SCPHA remains compliant in all aspects of the non- profit tax filing requirements and improve the annual budgeting process.

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